Ethically Sourced Wood

Trees are a very important part of the Ecosystem, they absorb dangerous gasses and fill the air with the oxygen we need to breath. Over the last several years deforestation has become trending topic and there have been organizations formed to combat it.

Here at Good Wood Bros, all of our wood is ethically sourced. We work with our suppliers to provide us with wood from fallen trees. Another way we get our wood is from reclaimed wood.

Old Barn

There are several reasons a tree could fall, when it happens on a property it needs to be removed. One man's junk may be another's treasure. You would be surprised with all the beautiful wood that could be hiding in your backyard. 

Sometimes the end of something is actually the beginning of another. If you take a drive through rural Ontario it wouldn't take long to see a barn or other structure that is long past its glory days. Rather than seeing it go to waste we can repurpose it to create something new.

Reclaimed wood has a rustic aged feel to it that is hard to replicate. Under the right hands new life can be breathed into the wood. Not only do you have a beautiful piece of furniture, you will own a piece of history.

Old Barn Doors

After a structure such as a barn has been dismantled we remove any foreign objects such as nails, once that is done we move the wood into the kiln.

A kiln is used to regulate the moisture of wood and itWood Grain also helps remove any fungi or bugs and prevents them from coming back. While there are many different types of kiln, the best one to use is a dehumidification chamber as it recycles heat throughout the system.

Once the wood has been sorted and checked for any defects, the milling process can begin. This is where we run the wood through the jointer and a planer to have it looking brand new.

Now it is ready to be turned to a table, a bench or even flooring. The possibilities are endless. Click the image below to check out our new Reclaimed Elm Dining table:

Reclaimed Oak Table

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