What does it mean to be "Made in Canada?"

When looking to buy an item, there is no greater feeling than knowing you are supporting a hard working Canadian, such as yourself. This can be said of any nationality regardless of where you are from.

In recent years we have seen a push to in the demand to buy locally made products, due to various factors. One of the main factors being that the products tend to be of higher quality, especially those made by craftsmen. Many imports can be mass produced with a focus on quantity not quality.

Reclaimed Elm Dining Table

Reclaimed Elm Dining Table

Here at Good Wood Bros, we are unapologetically Canadian. Born and raised in Canada, we strive to continue the lineage of fine woodworkers that came before us. Our wood is sourced from local sources, tools bought from local business owners and our main customers are local.

When buying Canadian you are supporting the local economy, creating more jobs, allowing your neighbor to take care of their families and live a good life.

When buying cheap furniture there is always gonna be some compromise involved. This is mostly in regards to material. You may be getting a cheaper plastic, metal or wood alternative. Larger companies tend to use alternatives that give the illusion of owning an expensive piece of wood, without the benefits of durability. In addition to that some cheaper furniture providers require you to assemble the furniture to cut down assembly and delivery cost.

Walnut Dining Table and Bench

Walnut Dining Table and Bench

Any Canadian furniture maker serious about their craft, would not only attempt to establish a relation with a customer but assemble the furniture to their standard and if possible deliver it. That is the experience we strive for. 

Canada has a rich history of woodworking, the first furniture factory in the country was created in 1830 in Kitchener (known as Berlin at the time), Ontario. Since then it has evolved into a popular profession and hobby. This has fostered a strong community of both woodworkers and admirers.

Solid Elm Dining Table (Extendable) with Custom Trestle Legs


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